Paparazzi Causing Problems for Jessica and Tony

July 14, 2008 By:
Paparazzi Causing Problems for Jessica and Tony

Every celebrity claims to "hate the paparazzi," but Jessica Simpson'sDallas Cowboy QB boyfriend Tony Romo hates them so much, it's taking a toll on their relationship.

Last week the couple went to Key Club in Los Angeles "for cover band Steel Panther but refused to be photographed together," reports Page Six.

"They walked in a few feet apart, and Jessica sat with Vivica Fox, laughing and drinking with her all night. But Jessica kept excusing herself to walk to the back, where Tony was. They'd make out against the wall; then she'd walk back up to sit in front."

Although he's famous in his own right, the paps never hounded Tony before he started dating Jessica. Would you trade your privacy to date a celebrity?