Nick Lachey Weighs In On Jessica's Situation

January 30, 2009 By:
Nick Lachey Weighs In On Jessica's Situation

Unfortunately forJessica Simpson, there’s not much else going on this week in the news. So the story about her recent weight gain is the topic of conversation everywhere!

It seems everyone wants to put in their two sense about it, and thankfully for Jess, most people are siding with her.

The latest person to weigh in on the situation is her ex-husband Nick Lachey. He spoke to Extra last night about it, and was shocked about what a huge headline it’s become.

He said, "I can't believe it's this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I'm never ceased to be amazed by people's reactions to things."

He went on to pass along some nice words for Jessica, saying, "I wish her nothing but the best and I hope she's happy -- whatever size that comes in."

Well, even though Jessica and Nick don’t seem to have any sort of relationship with each other anymore, at least they’re still on good terms. And if you thought Nick’s statement was nice, just listen to what the rest of Hollywood has to say! At least Jess can sleep tonight knowing that a lot of people in the biz have her back!

Here's what other celebs are saying:

Tori Spelling:

"I think she looks great. To be honest, I haven't noticed a difference, so all of a sudden when I saw her on the cover, in my opinion, she's [still] Jessica Simpson. You know what this means? She's still really popular."

Nicky Hilton:

"I think it sucks. I think the media is very cruel with that stuff."

Rose McGowan:

"I think Jessica Simpson should tell them to 'eff off.' It's sad because you see a lot of male actors who gain a lot of weight in between roles. The reality is, if I went and gained 30 pounds in between roles, I wouldn't get roles. I think that's sexism, and it drives me crazy!

"Jessica Simpson should tell those people to suck it! It makes me incredibly sad for women, in this day -- in an age where Hillary Clinton is now the Secretary of State and we have made so many strides -- that we are sitting here talking about poor Jessica Simpson. That's heartbreaking."

Lisa Rinna:

"As a woman, I think it's a really bad message that we're even commenting on it. I mean, let's face it ... we all gain five pounds, lose five pounds. She looks fine; she looks great. If she's happy, who cares? I'm disgusted by it, to be honest with you. She looks healthy, she's got curves, she's Jessica Simpson! Give me a break!"

Paula Abdul:

"I think this is absolutely ridiculous. People are being so mean. People don't realize that it's damaging to one's psyche. For women, it's hard enough to be accepted for how you are. She's a beautiful girl. At least she's been in the business long enough to know that this, too, will pass."

Vera Wang (who designed Simpson's 2002 wedding dress):

"I think some people forget that stars are just human beings, and stuff happens. Weight is a very personal issue. I think it has to do with a lot of other conditions. And, you know, I don't know what's going on in her life. I certainly can't comment, but she's a very good girl, so I'm sorry to hear that."

Jordana Brewster:

"I think she is beautiful. I think it's really, really hard in Hollywood because there is an absurd standard that is really hard. It absolutely sucks. She shouldn't be judged so harshly."