Native Americans Hurt By Jessica's Indian Giver Statement

July 29, 2009 By:
Native Americans Hurt By Jessica's Indian Giver Statement

As if Jessica Simpson isn’t having a bad enough week after her break-up with Tony Romo, now she’s in trouble with Native American groups.

Earlier in the week, Jessica was followed by TMZ photographers who asked her if she was going to take back the $100,000 boat she gave to Tony for his birthday. Jess replied, “I’m not an Indian giver.”

While it’s not exactly politically correct, we understand what Jess meant by it. But a few Native Americans think differently. After the story was posted on TMZ, people began commenting, saying things like, "I am shocked she said that. I didn't know people still said that," one person wrote on the website, theforumsite. "She will be apologizing ... there is outrage."

Another person added, "I'm a Native American and I cringed when I heard Jessica Simpson comment about us Native Americans. Am I mad!?! I should be, but look at who the comment is coming from."

Jacqueline L. Pata, executive director of the National Congress has even commented on Jessica’s statement. She tells Us Weekly, "Most people flippantly use the comment 'Indian giver' without realizing its true meaning.”

Pata says now would be "a good chance to educate people not to stereotype Native Americans by using a comment this is both incorrect in the way most people use it, and culturally insensitive to Native people."

We think Jess has a few other things on her mind right now, like this alleged other woman Tony has been talking to for months now!