Kendra Wilkinson to Jessica Simpson: You Will Squirt Milk!

April 20, 2012 By:
Kendra Wilkinson to Jessica Simpson: You Will Squirt Milk!

Kendra Wilkinson is not exactly gifted at the speaking-words thing, now she’s giving Jessica Simpson parenting advice, well not exactly parenting advice but rather booby advice.

Kendra tells HollywoodLife her cautionary tale of motherhood advice to Jessica, “My best friend just gave birth and I had to say that she has a lot of milk coming in. She will be squirting milk everywhere, so make sure to carry a pump because if you don’t, you going to have to suck it up yourself!”

Uhhh, sorry, I’m just trying to process Kendra warning Jessica Simpson that she might have to “suck it up” herself.

In related news, Jessica Simpson is telling friends that she wants a C-Section and a source tells "In Touch" that the birth has already been scheduled.

I don’t blame her. Judging by the size of her belly, I also wouldn’t want to push a pilates ball out of my who-hah.

“The thought of going into labor scared the bejesus out of her. She was so anxious, she was even breaking into cold sweats at night,” says the source.

“Jessica has no tolerance for pain. She even turned to hypnotherapy to calm her fears about it, but nothing was working,” adds the friend.

Well, let’s hope she has a tolerance for milk! Heyo! Ughhhh, I have to end this story, on account of, I’m grossed out.