Ken Paves Has Jessica Simpson's Back

September 23, 2008 By:
Ken Paves Has Jessica Simpson's Back

We don't think this is in his job description as a hair stylist, but Ken
doesn't let people mess with his number one client Jessica Simpson.

After Jess performed at the Grand Ole Opry earlier this month, a reporter
spoke to her about her performance, congratulating her. But they then made the mistake of asking her what she thought of her rival Carrie Underwood.

Jess reportedly stormed off, and that's where Ken stepped in. He grabbed the person by the shoulder, and said, "Watch your f**king mouth, you rude BLEEP! How dare you bring that name up!?"

Tina Simpson then stepped in between the two to break it up. It's time to re-examine your life when you feel it necessary to go off on a reporter because they bring up another musical artist's name. Ken should stick to hair!