Julianne Moore Addresses Jessica Simpson 'Feud'

March 8, 2012 By:
Julianne Moore Addresses Jessica Simpson 'Feud'

Julianne Moore was interviewed in the March issue of ‘More’ magazine, and in it, she made a comment about the world of entertainment:

"I don't want my daughter or her friends to be interested in Jessica Simpson; I want them to be interested in what's happening in their own lives.”

Naturally, we all took that to translate to:

“I hate Jessica Simpson.”

But Julianne appeared on ‘Anderson Cooper’ to squash any rumors of a feud:

“Oh God. I felt terrible. Honestly, I felt genuinely awful about it. What I said was, they were talking about the tabloid culture and I said, 'I feel terrible about those magazines because I think that young women get interested in somebody else's story, other than their own.'”

But how dare you suggest the fact that the public shouldn’t be obsessed with Jessica Simpson’s every move and spend every waking hour refreshing our Jessica Simpson Google News alert to see if anything new has happened? That’s totally normal.

“The way they put it was to be interested in somebody not like Jessica Simpson and it has nothing to do with her at all.”

Okay, too many words. Confused now. Must look at Jessica Simpson on Elle cover.

“I genuinely believe you should never say anything bad about anybody and I would never say anything bad, she's a lovely girl,” Moore added. “But I just meant that you shouldn't follow anybody else’s narrative but your own.”

So…you still hate Jessica Simpson, right?

Anderson Cooper summarized the absurdity of it all, saying:

“All these entertainment shows said you were having a feud with Jessica Simpson. I was like, ‘why would Julianne Moore be having a feud with Jessica Simpson?’”