Joe Simpson's New Look Doesn't Help The Gay Rumors

October 26, 2012 By:
Joe Simpson's New Look Doesn't Help The Gay Rumors

Joe Simpson says hello with his new look, and by hello, we mean, HAAAYYYY!!!

Just days after Jessica Simpson’s parents announced their divorce, Joe Simpson steps out with a look that says, this is my coming out photo, no?

TMZ has the photo, which has us wondering if Joe Simpson's new wardrobe is evidence that he's coming out of a different kind of closet.  

In the photo, Joe is rocking a soft pale yellow sweater, black skinny jeans, matching yellow tennis shoes and is debuting some new frosted tip hair.

Joe looks like he would probably be good friends with John Travolta now, if you know what I mean.

This new look comes right in the midst of all the gay rumors swirling around Joe.

National Enquirer alleged that the divorce came about when Joe came out! There are even reports that he's already dating a 20-something year old boytoy.

"All the gossip mags are trying to catch him out and about with his rumored new beau," a source tells Hollyscoop. TMZ paid thousands of dollars just to have this photo, so imagine what the rag mags will shell out for a pic of Joe with his so-called “boyfriend.”

Only time will tell, but if this outfit is any indication, Joe just switched teams.