Jessica to Kuwait: This Isn't Charity

March 10, 2008 By:
Jessica to Kuwait: This Isn't Charity

Jessica Simpson is already in Kuwait to perform alongside the Pussycat Dolls in a charity concert for the troops. Only problem is, Jess isn't doing it for charity and she's racked up a large bill to send the organizers, MSNBC reports.

When they said, "Jessica will be roughing it," and that she was "receiving no special treatment," we really should have known better!

According to a source close to the Simpson camp, a private plane carrying Simpson and her entourage (which includes Papa Joe) cost approximately $150,000.

As if that $150K wasn't enough, there are other expenses that come with booking Jess. Her stylist and makeup artist are charging $6,000 a day, and Ken Paves' day rate is $10,000.

“This isn’t a charity show. The people around Jessica aren’t donating their time or cutting their rates as if this was Jess’s charity Operation Smile. Someone is picking up the tab, and it’s not going to be Jessica.”

After the concert is over, Jessica will spend 3 hours talking to the troops while her people prepare for takeoff.

“The decision for her to do this doesn’t make sense,” said the source. “She risks being upstaged by the Pussycat Dolls and there's no way to come out of this without looking like a financial drain on the project.”

This is just silly! Why doesn't anyone print the Pussycat Dolls demands? They're just painting Jessica to be a really bad person when she is just trying to do some good.