Jessica Simpson's Mom Tina Files For Divorce, Tells Hollyscoop She "Couldn’t Be Better"

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Jessica Simpson's Mom Tina Files For Divorce, Tells Hollyscoop She
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Jessica Simpson’s parents have taken a cue from Nick Lachey and Jessica’s playbook and have called it quits on their own marriage.

Jessica's mom Tina has just filed for divorce from her husband Joe.

Tina actually filed for divorce last month and Joe filed a response to Tina’s divorce petition just days later. He asked that Tina get nothing from the split.

It’s not like either of them makes more money than the other, obviously Jessica Simpson is the breadwinner in this marriage.

Tina wrote in the divorce papers, “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.”

Despite their “conflict of personalities,” this appears to be a very easy split. Tina Simpson just told Hollyscoop

exclusively, “all is good, couldn’t be better, everything is the best as it can be.”

How’s that for an amicable divorce?

A rep for the family told Hollyscoop, "Joe and Tina Simpson have filed for divorce.  It is an amicable split and there is no third party involved.  Any other related allegations are completely false.  The family appreciates your respect for their privacy at this time."

Coincidentally, The National Enquirer just posted a story alleging Joe Simpson of being gay.  This is laughably untrue, I mean, the guy was obsessed with his daughter’s boobs, but the rumor has weirdly accurate timing.

A rep for the family told Hollyscoop that the gay rumors aren’t true and while no cheating rumors have surfaced, they shot down whatever potential cheating rumors might start as well.

The couple were married in 1978 and churned out two popstar daughters Jessica and Ashlee.

They filed for divorce in Texas and apparently there is a rule in their county that you have to be super civil during the divorce proceedings or else they can hold you in contempt of court. You can’t even curse at each other!

That means no name calling, y’all! But according to Tina, this won’t be a problem.