Jessica Simpson's Late Night Calls to Nick Lachey

July 17, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson's Late Night Calls to Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson is reportedly so devastated about her split from Tony Romo, she's been having late night conversations with her ex hubby Nick Lachey.

Before you jump the gun, there's no way these two are getting back together as a couple, but since they're both single now, Jessica feels like it's okay for them to reconnect as friends.

A source said: "Nick has never stopped loving Jessica. They have been in touch since they both became single recently. They have had a number of very long, sometimes more than an hour, conversations on the phone - especially since Jessica and Tony broke up."

However, even if Jessica wanted to reunite with Nick, her creepy dad Joe wouldn't allow it. "It won't happen. They have no respect for him. There is way too much bad blood between Nick and Joe for Jessica to even think about it," added the source.

Tony reportedly broke up with Jess the night before her 29th birthday after finding text messages from her ex John Mayer on her phone. Sounds like Jess has a hard time letting go of all her exes! Which ex did you like Jess with the best?