Jessica Simpson's Boyfriend is Broke

August 5, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson's Boyfriend is Broke

Poor Jessica Simpson can’t catch a break! The latest rumor about her boyfriend Eric Johnson is that he’s broke!

According to In Touch magazine, Johnson’s ex-wife Keri Johnson contacted Jess to warn her of his monetary problems. She apparently approached Simpson to be wary of her new guy’s motives because he’s “plain out of money.”

Johnson is an ex-49ers player who was married to Keri for five years before deciding to divorce. He’s been out of work since 2008. Now he’s planning on going back to school at UPenn, which must be a pretty penny for tuition!

Keri tells the mag, "Eric is plain out of money. He was going to grad school because he didn't know what else to do, and then he just dropped out."

But it looks like it may be too late, since Johnson has reportedly already moved into Jess’ house in LA.

The ex added, "He lived with me until October of last year, but now I think he's living in her house."

We hope for Jessica’s sake this isn’t true. The girl has had enough bad luck this year to now be stuck with a freeloader!