Jessica Simpson Working on New Reality Show

May 27, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Working on New Reality Show

Didn’t Jessica Simpson learn anything from Newlyweds?? Apparently not, because she’s in talks for a new reality show! But rather than exploit her relationship with Tony Romo, Jess is tackling a whole new genre.

According to Us Weekly, Jessica is pitching a show to several networks about society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies. And if anyone has come under fire for weight gain, it’s her!

The working title of the show is The Price of Beauty. A source tells Us, "She and a friend set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why.”

The source also said that Jess will be very hands-on with the show, and will even try some “shocking things that women do to make themselves beautiful. Picture Fear Factor."

So does this mean Jessica will be getting Botox all in the name of “art?”

At this point, it’s all just hearsay. But her rep has confirmed, "Jessica is indeed working on a new show, but network details have not been finalized at this time."

Would you tune in to a show hosted by Jessica Simpson, or have we seen enough of her?