Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Girl – Maxwell Drew Johnson

May 1, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Girl – Maxwell Drew Johnson

It’s been 37 months (but who’s counting? Jessica Simpson obviously not!) and Jessica Simpson has finally given birth to a baby girl!

Quick, Eric Johnson, did you pack everything for the hospital!? Did you bring the leopard print caftans!!?!!? No!? Turn around and go home and get them!!!!

Jessica and several members of her family including her mother Tina, sister Ashlee, and Eric Johnson’s parents were all snapped arriving at an L.A. area hospital this morning and now Us Weekly is reporting that Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson.

Thank god she finally popped, I was THIS CLOSE to starting the conspiracy theory, Jessica Simpson just really loves Chili’s and is calling it “being pregnant.”
A source tells the mag, “Mother and baby are doing just fine.”


This will be the first child for Jessica and her fiancé Eric. The two announced their engagement in November of 2010. We waited and waited for a wedding that never seemed to come, then all of a sudden in September of 2011, Jessica Simpson announced that she was postponing her wedding!

The postponed wedding had many eyebrows raised that Jessica Simpson was trying to conceal her pregnancy.

Simpson announced her pregnancy on Halloween 2011 - she dressed up as a mummy and tweeted a pic of her baby bump writing, “It’s true! I am going to be a mummy!” However, she looked to be about 6 months pregnant on Halloween, so we expected the baby to be born, ooooo three months ago?

Jessica and Eric then put the wedding on hold until after she gave birth, with Jessica telling Jay Leno, “I want him to be my husband so bad. I do still want to wear the pretty gown, so I have to wait.”

Jessica then posed on the cover of Elle magazine totally naked and clutching her belly. Even though this cover appeared nearly two months ago, she still looked to be about 12 months pregnant.

Finally, the baby is here. When Jessica Simpson appeared on Jimmel Kimmel Live in March she told Kimmel, “Apparently I have a lot of amniotic fluid, so whenever my water breaks, it will be like a fire hydrant!”

I hope the LA Fire Department is reading this article. Bring in the troops! Jessica Simpson made a baby!