Jessica Simpson Was Begging Tony for An Engagement Ring

July 21, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Was Begging Tony for An Engagement Ring

We're hearing new whispers about Jessica Simpson's breakup from Tony Romo, and this one actually makes a lot of sense.

Apparently one of the big reasons the relationship didn't work out is because Jessica was really pressuring Tony for an engagement ring. And he simply wasn't ready for that kind of commitment.

A source told Britain's Star magazine: "It got to the point where that's all
she'd talk about. She would speak to him all the time about buying an
engagement ring. Even in public.

"Jessica expected it last Christmas. Then she thought she would get one for New Year's Eve. And when by Valentine's Day it didn't happen, the tension between them became explosive.

"The night before her birthday, Tony warned her that he wasn't ready to buy a ring. They had a massive fight and Tony cut the cord for good."

Jessica has been desperate to get remarried since her marriage to Nick Lachey fell apart. Do you think Jess and Tony will reunite, or are they done for good? Tell us your thoughts.