Jessica Simpson The Lifesaver

September 12, 2008 By:
Jessica Simpson The Lifesaver

Turns out Jessica Simpson is more than just a pretty face. Back in high school, she saved a suicidal friend from killing herself at age 14. Former friend of Jess, Emily Usher, now 26, has revealed the inspiring story to Star magazine, explaining how Jess and Joe Simpson saved her life.

Emily says, "I swallowed a bunch of pills I found in my family's medicine cabinet. Over-the-counter stuff. I didn't tell her what I had done, but I was sobbing hysterically and begged for someone to come and get me."

She claims the singer rushed her back to the Simpson home, where dad Joe spotted something wrong: "I was lethargic and nauseous, and Joe started yelling at me, 'Did you take something.'"

"I haven't spoken to them since they moved to Los Angeles, but I'll always be grateful for their kindness."

That's something that really sticks with you. And we're sure even though Jess and Emily haven't talked in twelve years, Jessica still remembers that day. As much as we joke around about her, Jess really does seem like a great girl and a good friend, and this is the proof right here!