Jessica Simpson Thanks Fans For Support

January 30, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Thanks Fans For Support

Jessica Simpson has not been having the best week ever. First, she got a lot of heat about her recent weight gain and then there were rumors that her boyfriend Tony Romo had reportedly cheated on her. The good news is that she has great fans she could lean on for support and that the week is almost over.

Sporting black leather pants, a thankful Jessica Simpson hit the stage on Thursday night in Virginia. She did not mention anything about all the heat she's been getting for gaining weight, but she did thank her fans for the support.

She introduced her song "Still Beautiful" by saying, "This song is off my new record... and it's about finding the beauty in life, no matter what happens." She later added, "Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you." she telling people to feel good about themselves knowing that other people have it worse? That's sort of mean, but we're assuming it just didn't come out right.

She finished off her show by thanking her fans and calling them loyal. Don't worry Jess, the week's almost over, we're sure next week will be better!