Jessica Simpson Sued For Posing With a Baby

June 10, 2013 By:
Jessica Simpson Sued For Posing With a Baby

There are conspiracy theories and then there are…these. Jessica Simpson is being sued by a man for posing with his baby in an elaborate scheme to mess with the media.

I'll let that marinate for a minute—that Jessica, the woman who can’t tell the difference between chicken and tuna, could mastermind a scheme like this—let us explain.

Jessica has been called out by a man named Christopher Hurst who claims she conspired with OK! magazine to score a major paycheck by posing for a photo with his own son, which was later published on the front cover of the publication.

Christopher says she had a deal with a rival magazine to sell the first images of her daughter for $800,000, but later hatched a plot with OK! to make even more money by posing with a baby that wasn’t even hers. He’s now suing Jessica, the magazine and Getty images for $75,000 worth of damages, according to TMZ.

Back in October 2011, Christopher took his teenage daughter and baby boy to meet Jessica in her natural habitat: a department store at a mall. (Jessica was pregnant with her daughter Maxwell at the time.) In the suit, Christopher claims a stranger suggested he let Jessica hold his son, which he did, when a photographer came out of nowhere, snapping photos of Jessica holding his baby.

Later, he woke up one morning and spit his orange juice all over his kitchen walls in mortifying surprise when he saw that those same photos appeared on the front cover of OK! with headlines making it appear his son was Jessica’s child. Who knows how this will turn out or who's to blame, but either this is a really whacky case of mistaken identity or Christopher is the most paranoid parent on the planet.