Jessica Simpson Still Hoping for X-Factor Job

March 28, 2011 By:
Jessica Simpson Still Hoping for X-Factor Job

Jessica Simpson is really hoping Simon Cowell is going to ask her to be a judge on the US version of X-Factor, because she thinks she'll be amazing at it.

Jessica is just one of the many stars still being considered for the panel when the show launches, but Jess thinks she's the only one that can make it a lot of fun.

She told website WWD : “They have definitely talked to me about ‘X Factor’. I think it would be a lot of fun. It’s definitely my life. To be a mentor for up-and-coming artists is right up my alley. I would have loved to have a mentor. I love watching people’s dreams come true.”

Sure, Jessica's singing career isn't exactly doing great, but the girl knows a thing or two about business. Oh wait. Okay, so maybe her dad Joe can sit on a small stool next to her and whisper what to say in her ear. Just a thought.

What do you think of Jess joining X-Factor? Does she have what it takes?