Jessica Simpson Still Cheering for Cowboys

November 10, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Still Cheering for Cowboys

Despite their break-up, Jessica Simpson doesn’t have that much animosity towards her ex Tony Romo! As you may recall, Tony dumped Jessica on the day before her 29th birthday this past July.

And as if that’s not tough enough, Jess also went through the terror of losing her precious dog Daisy after she was snatched by a coyote. Talk about a bad couple of months.

But Jess has managed to put on a happy face. Yesterday she took to her Twitter to show her continuing support for the Dallas Cowboys, for whom Romo is the quarterback. She wrote: "Can't forget the Cowboys! Great game yesterday.”

After the Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, she wrote: "My pink jersey was nowhere in sight ;) I was screaming in my parents' TV in Dallas gear though."

She also wrote "'Tougher Than The Rest' YAY 9," which is believed to be a shout-out to Tony, who wears that number. We’re surprised Jess would admit to still rooting for the Cowboys, since so many fans gave her a hard time when they were together, even calling her a “jinx.”

We’re glad Jessica is able to keep her head up. That girl’s had a tough year. She could use a break!