Jessica Simpson Steps Out Amid Pregnancy Rumors

November 30, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Steps Out Amid Pregnancy Rumors
Image By: Splash News

Jessica Simpson steps out at LAX with her adorable daughter Max and her hunky fiancé Eric Johnson amid pregnancy rumors.

Not like you have to hide out when the tabloid world says your uterus is occupied, but “[insert celebrity name] steps out amid [insert rumor] rumors” is my favorite way to draw attention to something to make it more salacious than it actually is.

Omg Jessica Simpson walks around carrying a baby even with the pregnancy rumors? That’s totally a confession! Yep, she’s pregnant. Who holds a baby if they aren’t pregnant!?

Ok, mostly I just think her daughter Maxwell is adorable in this photo!

Is she wearing baby sized ugg boots? Oh stop, the cuteness is just too much! Don’t even get me started on that baby cardigan or the baby hair bow!

Jess, Eric, and Max arrived at LAX last night from NY, they were obviously mum about the pregnant rumors.

We can speculate about whether or not she’s knocked up, but she’s wearing SUCH a baggy top, I can’t even tell.

The pregnancy rumors, for those who have a life and haven’t cared or been paying attention, are that Jess has just found out she’s pregnant again and it’s totally unplanned.

She has yet to confirm or deny the reports, so…