Jessica Simpson Shrinks Way Down in New Photos

September 20, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Shrinks Way Down in New Photos

Motherhood looks good on Jessica Simpson

A week after debuting her post-preggers look to the public, new photos have hit the Internet, showing the “Fashion Star” mentor in a shrunken version of her formerly bloated self.

The new images were posted on her Twitter account, showing both Jessica and her fiancé Eric Johnson posing with their four-month-old daughter, Maxwell Drew.

Jessica wears a loose, zebra-print top and her hair pulled back behind a pair of sunglasses. She beams a smile as she pushes her recently tiny cheek to Maxwell’s adorable face.

The rest of Jess looks trim too, hardly any different than how she looked pre-pregnancy.

As Jessica pointed out in the tweet, the photos were taken during a celebration for Eric’s 33rd birthday on September 19.

In addition her Weight Watchers campaign - which, judging by these photos is working - Jessica is serving a Guest Editor on the iVillage blog.

On the site, she talks about raising Maxwell to be an individual, and not just a miniature Jessica Simpson.

"I think that we can easily put expectations on our children just by comparing them to other children,” she writes. “Taking away all the comparisons is a really healthy way to parent -- and not focus on the percentiles and all that kind of stuff.”

The new photos are a big development for Jessica, who previously wouldn’t let cameras linger far below her chin, as demonstrated in her first Weight Watchers ad that started airing last week.