Jessica Simpson Reveals New Body on ‘Katie’

September 10, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Reveals New Body on ‘Katie’

Jessica Simpson is stepping out from behind Twitter…

It’s the first public appearance from the songstress since embarking on her highly publicized deal with Weight Watchers. In an interview on the new daytime talk show “Katie,” Jessica looked poised, in control, and – yes – way slimmer.

Sitting down with host Katie Couric, the duo embarked on the newest hot topic in Jessica’s life: Her dramatic weight loss.

The “Fashion Star” mentor wore a form fitting, long sleeve black dress on the show, consistent with her recent color scheme when stepping out in public.

She tweeted a link to her website with a picture of her in the outfit, relaying her excitement about appearing on the show, along with asking followers to wish her luck.

She also debuted her first Weight Watchers video advertisement on the show that will begin airing this week.

“There is a lot of pressure to lose weight,” she says in the ad. “But, I’m not a supermodel. I’m just Jessica trying to eat real food [Chili’s] in the real world.”

The elephant in the room was the commercial’s shot choice that obviously avoided a full body shot throughout the 30-second spot.

The commercial moves from close up to extreme close up, cleverly focusing on her personable face, while cutting the frame just above her massive cleavage line.

The missing full body shot was something Couric noticed to, which she questioned the songstress about.

“I really didn’t want it to be about my weight,” Jessica answered.

It’s called Weight Watchers, Jessica… That’s kind of the point.

She continued, “I really wanted it to be about the spirit about Weight Watchers and how I was feeling.”

All the jokes and question-dodging aside, there’s no doubt that she is making progress since Maxwell Drew arrived in May. After all she chose Weight Watchers – as she says in the ad – “because it works.”

When Katie asked if she had really lost 40 pounds, Jessica answered with a not-so-bashful laugh, “More.”

“It’s really not about the numbers,” she finished.