Jessica Simpson Ready to Marry With No Pre-nup

November 15, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson Ready to Marry With No Pre-nup

When it comes to love Jessica Simpson is always thinking with her heart instead of her head. And we hear she's ready to marry Eric with no pre-nup like right now. What's the rush?!

Jess and Eric announced their engagement plans just days after her ex Nick Lachey announced his, but the difference is Nick and Vanessa have been together for over 4 years and Jess and Eric have only been together for 5 months.

Jessica and Nick's Engagement a Coincidence

Jessica married Nick with no pre-nup back in 2002, but at the time Nick was more famous than Jess. Three years later she filed for divorce and reportedly handed Nick over $10 million dollars in the divorce settlement.

Fast forward five years and Jessica is now reportedly worth over $100 million dollars. There's no way creepy Papa Joe will let his daughter marry without an iron clad pre-nup, but Jessica seems to be really smitten with Eric.

How Papa Joe Feels About Jessica's Engagement

"At the moment, Joe is sitting back and being a great father, supporting his daughter and his future son-in-law," a family friend tells me. "However, you can bet after all the excitement has died down, Joe is going to do everything in his power to make sure Jessica doesn't walk down the aisle until Eric signs away any right he might have to Jessica's enormous fortune," a source tells Popeater.

Eric just recently finalized his divorce from his ex wife Keri and is currently unemployed and following Jess around the country like a little puppy. What Jess needs is a real man, not someone looking for a meal ticket. Hope Papa Joe gets the ball rolling on that pre-nup!