Jessica Simpson: Marriage is in My Future

October 26, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson: Marriage is in My Future

Jessica Simpson is in a great place right now and she's not afraid to talk about it.

Jessica has been dating her boyfriend Eric Johnson for a few months and she credits him for her newfound happiness.

Speaking to the USA Today, she said: "He definitely makes me very happy. He brings out a lot of light in me and makes me very comfortable being who I am. It's nice to be with somebody who praises you for the right reasons."

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And just because she had one failed marriage doesn't mean she's not planning to tie the knot again.

She said: "I am from the south so I've definitely dreamed of being married my whole life and having children, so hopefully that's in my future."

Jess also revealed that being 30 has been great because she's the happiest she's ever been.

She said: "I love being 30. The moment I turned 30, I really did feel a switch in my life. I was in Capri and I was with my boyfriend and my family and my friends, and I just felt this coming of age moment, this moment where I really just felt the happiest I've ever been and I love the woman inside of me."

Jess seems like one of those girls that needs a guy in her life in order to be happy. Don't you guys agree?