Jessica Simpson Makes Good On Her Weight Watchers Deal

June 13, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Makes Good On Her Weight Watchers Deal

And so it begins…

Jessica Simpson appears to be doing what she promised the world and Weight Watchers she’d do: Get back to her pre-pregnancy figure. For the first time, the “Fashion Star” mentor was spotted and snapped coming out of a workout routine.

In the photo, Jessica is seen hopping into a black SUV. She wears sneakers, black leggings, and a black hoodie. Her post-baby form has already started to take shape into the slender silhouette that we used to know. Previously, she was reportedly spotted outside of trainer Harley Pastermak’s gym.

Jessica confirmed the deal with Weight Watchers last month on Twitter, tweeting, "So excited to be part of the Weight Watchers family.”

Now, it's on! If she follows the program, and we get to see the old Jessica that pregnant Jessica appeared to have swallowed, she’ll reportedly get a check for $4 million.

Despite the pressure to succeed, Jessica appears to be excited about the venture, explaining on Facebook that Weight Watchers focuses on long-term benefits from healthy choices. No more Chili’s runs for you…

But, who wouldn’t be enthusiastic if they were getting paid to lose weight? Most people do it for free.

According to Us Weekly, Simpson was hoping to shed the extra poundage within a year’s time. She reportedly weighted in at around 170 at the climax of her baby bumpage. Maxwell arrived just shy of 10 pounds… I’m no mathematician or weight guesser, but a year sounds like a healthy time frame to shape up.

After recovering from her C-section, she appears to have already begun the process. Though the shot is not the most flattering angle, the photo proves she’s able to stand, walk, and open a door… Judging from previous photos, that might have not always been the case.