Jessica Simpson is Thinking Like a Brunette

December 8, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson is Thinking Like a Brunette

Jessica Simpson is the ditsy blonde we've all grown to love, but when it comes to her finances she letting the suits take care of business this time around.

Now that the Jessica Simpson brand is on track to be worth over a billion dollars, there's no way she's going to walk down the aisle without an iron clad prenup.

How Loaded is Jessica Simpson? Think Billions!

"There will definitely be a prenup" for the pair. "Jessica has said she wants one. Jessica and Eric have talked about it," a source tells Us Weekly.

"[Eric] understands that there needs to be a prenup," the insider explains. "He's supportive of it."

Yeah, he better be supportative of it or else there isn't going to be a wedding. There's no way Papa Joe is going to let Jessica make the same mistake twice.

Nick Lacey is probably still living off the money he made from their divorce. Husband to be number two is unemployed so there's going to be a lot of papers to sign before they say "I do."