Jessica Simpson Is Ready to Pop

March 12, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Is Ready to Pop

How awesome would it be if Jessica Simpson were still trying to deny pregnancy rumors?

Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, have a little over a month to go before they welcome their baby girl into the world. And Jessica looks great, but let's face it.

That baby bump has become a baby Mt. Everest.
NBC's Fashion Star debuts on Tuesday, and it seems to be somewhat similar to Lifetime's Project Runway, except contestants are competing to get their creations into Saks, Macy's and H&M. Jessica, Elle Macpherson and Nicole Richie are a few celebrities who will appear on the show.

“She's definitely ready to pop,” Simpson's Fashion Star mentor, designer John Varvatos, told reporters on Sunday. “I think she's going to be amazing. She's the sweetest, kind of down to Earth, All-American girl.”

Varvatos added that Jessica “is a family girl. She's never anywhere without her mom, and her dad's with her all the time. For her, it's really all about family. I think what's so amazing about her becoming a mom is that I think it's kind of finishing off that other missing piece in her family," Varvatos added.

I'm not entirely sure I know what that last part means, but the gist of it is: family.

And it looks like Simpson has already picked out a name, too.
“We're embroidering it on things," Simpson recently told ELLE magazine. "It's nothing shocking and nothing you'll have to add to the dictionary." She added: "When people hear it, they'll know why."
_It's “Chicken of the Sea Simpson,” isn't it?