Jessica Simpson Is Madly In Love With Tony

August 28, 2008 By:
Jessica Simpson Is Madly In Love With Tony

Jessica Simpson is happy and in love and she wants everyone to know it! Jess graces to cover of People Magazine this week and in the mag she basically talks about how head over heels she is with her man, Tony Romo.

She describes Tony as the "perfect guy” and says that she has never really felt this way before.

"I just told him today, 'You're the love of my life,' " she says. "I don't really ever say that to anybody."

As for her past, Jess explains that she has cut everyone from her past out of her life because she doesn’t want any contact with them. "I don't want anybody that's been in my life [before] in my life anymore," she says. "I don't even want them to have any way of contacting me."

We’re happy to see Jessica happy again. She got a lot of slack during her divorce with Nick, but hey if you’re not happy in a certain relationship you can’t force it right? It’s just funny how much she disliked football while she was Nick and now she’s in love with a football player.