Jessica Simpson: I Won't Marry Until I Lose Weight

March 13, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson: I Won't Marry Until I Lose Weight

Jessica Simpson says she refuses to walk down the aisle until she has lost all her baby weight. Good luck with that, she looks like she is smuggling several live humans underneath those dresses.

A source told OK! Magazine, “she hates the idea of getting into a wedding dress until she’s given birth and lost the baby weight.”

 Oh, also, her and fiancé Eric Johnson are reportedly arguing over the pre-nup. See, I knew there was more to it. Baby weight. Psh.

“She loves him, but there are several issues that haven’t been resolved yet,” says the source.

Yeah, J.Simpson better protect her cash. When or it they get a divorce, I would hate to see Eric “what’s his face” Johnson walk away with half of her hard earned money from her billion dollar empire.

“Jessica wanted a prenup, but Eric was upset at the idea of putting one in place. So they spent months negotiating and bickering about it, which contributed in no small way to the wedding being delayed.”

Maybe they will just postpone the wedding forever and be like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? I can hear Jessica Simpson saying something like, “We will get married, as soon as birds are allowed to get married.”

Until then, Jessica Simpson is STILL wearing stilettos! She appeared on The Tonight Show last night and told Leno, “We’re waddling at this point. I’m wearing six-inch heels today, and it’s a lot of weight to carry on six inches.”

Why would you do that to yourself? Also, who even wears six-inch heels as a non-pregnant person? Oh, people do that and I need to stop wearing one inch heels because it is lame? Whatever.