Jessica Simpson: I Don't Brush My Teeth

March 12, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson: I Don't Brush My Teeth

Jessica Simpson has been on the warpath lately to try and explain that beauty comes from within. But we draw the line at her latest statement.

In a radio interview this week, Jess confessed that she doesn’t use proper hygiene when it comes to her pearly white. "I don't brush my teeth," she exclaimed. "No, really!"

So what exactly does Jessica do to fight germs and bad breath? "I just use Listerine -- and sometimes I'll use my sweater,” she said.

And Jessica’s poor habits don’t stop there! She was on a roll, talking about how badly she eats too! She said she’ll eat "anything fried.”

"Growing up in Texas for me, fish was a fish stick. We weren't really the healthiest of people. [My mom] didn't force me to eat healthy," Jess confessed.

It sounds to us like Jessica has taken some truth serum! She’s not afraid to lay everything out on the table so people know the real her! Do you appreciate Jess’ honesty, or was this a little TMI?