Jessica Simpson Eats PB&J Sandwiches like Tequila Shots

December 8, 2011 By:
Jessica Simpson Eats PB&J Sandwiches like Tequila Shots

Yeah, you read that right. Jessica Simpson says she eats PB&J sandwiches like she's doing shots of tequila. Jessica Simpson stops by the Rachael Ray show to talk about her weird pregnancy cravings. 

"This week it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toasted," admits Simpson, "And then, I'll put some salt on my hand like I'm taking a tequila shot and then take a bite of the sandwich."

Besides that fact that salted PB&J sounds gross, dear old Jessica Simpson will still find a way to get crunk while pregnant. If you can't do shots for 9 months, you can at least pretend like you are. Bad for parenting, good for partying. 

Jess also told Rachael Ray that the pregnancy hormones are making her cray cray, I mean, super emotional. 

"That's the one thing about pregnancy - I'll cry at the drop of a hat," admits Simpson, "Even a great souffle would make me cry."

A great souffle? Jessica, stop being so dramatic, nobody would ever...OMIGOD IS THAT IS SOUFFLE? WAHHHHHH! cue the waterworks. 

Jessica says she felt her baby move for the first time and broke down in tears. 

"I felt [the baby] move the other day for the first time and I had big crocodile tears," he gushed, "It was the coolest thing ever. It did a flip or something. I was like, 'There it went. It's there. It's really there."

Yeah, the baby did a flip "or something." Right after that the baby did a couple somersaults and worked on it's standing handspring. 

Simpson knows the gender of her baby, but is choosing to keep it private, but she says that her nephew 3-year-old Bronx (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz son) has his own predictions for his new cousin. 

"He rubs my belly. He has guesses," says Simpson, "He said he wants it to be a girl...He thinks it's going to be a girl."

Simpson wants to have a baby girl because she says that if she has a boy, "I'll just put him in a Tutu," she joked. I imagine Jessica Simpson with her future son, "You will take ballet classes and you will like it! Mommas gonna make a pop star out of you because Momma can't keep designing handbags forever!"

Earlier this week, Simpson told US Weekly that she knows the babies gender because she doesn't want to be surprised on the day the baby is born. 

"I like to plan things out. It'll be good to know what colors to make the nursery. I'm obsessed with thinking about what it's going to look like," says Simpson.