Jessica Simpson Drinks Her Sorrows Away

August 6, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Drinks Her Sorrows Away

Hairstylist-client relationships are like having a shrink. You’re supposed to complain to them about your personal problems (it’s part of their contract, right?), but Jessica Simpson and Kev Paves take it to the next level!

Ken has clearly swooped in to save the day since Jessica has become single again, and is playing the part of the fun gay friend who makes you forget you just got dumped.

The dynamic duo hit the town last night in celebration of Ken’s birthday and went to Beso, which last time we checked, was a restaurant, not a night club!

But Jess must have been hitting the bottle hard last night, because she needed a little help walking out when she and Ken decided to call it a night.

The paparazzi swarmed Jess, who looked a little worse for wear as she stumbled into their waiting car.

We know it’s normal for people to go out on the town after a bad break-up, but with celebrities, we’re not so sure it’s a good idea.

She probably would have been better off eating Ben & Jerrys with Ken watching Lifetime movies at home!