Jessica Simpson Drastic Weight Loss Thanks To All-Smoothie Diet

November 26, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Drastic Weight Loss Thanks To All-Smoothie Diet
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If you wondered how Jessica Simpson supposedly lost 55 pounds since giving birth, it’s because she was ONLY drinking smoothies! Well, she ate some other stuff, but she was mostly drinking smoothies!

TMZ got a hold of Jessica’s weight watchers meal plan as crafted by her former private chef and for the first two weeks she was on a smoothie diet.

Apparently the diet follows the WW point system, but if regular women knew that Jessica’s WW slim down was the result of a juice diet, I doubt anyone would want to join WW. Who wants to drink their way to skinny? That being said, Jess also works out four days a week with a trainer and breastfeeds her daughter, so let's not give all the credits to smoothies. OKURRR? I'm just mostly surprised she went on such an extreme crash diet for a few weeks.

Her 4-month crash diet plan kicked off in July. The first 5 days of the diet included 5 days of drinking 3 smoothies per day and only allowed 2 healthy snacks! No real food allowed! How Jessica was even able to drive past a Chili’s without exploding in a starvation induced rage is an act of God.

After 5 days of exclusively juice, she had five days of 2 smoothies plus 1 meal, followed by 5 days of 1 smoothie + 2 meals per day.

So yeah, Jessica went from the Giant Woman to the Incredible Shrinking Woman in a matter of months thanks to drinking juiced fruits. Hey, whatever works, because Jess looked like she dropped an entire Ashlee Simpson in body weight.