Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want To Be A Pregnant Bridezilla

November 8, 2011 By:
Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want To Be A Pregnant Bridezilla

Bridezillas are bad enough, I don't even want to imagine a pregnant one.

Jessica Simpson might not have said much in the weeks leading up to her pregnancy announcement, but she's talking now. Jessica sat down with Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris to talk about babies, weddings, and uh, zits.

Simpson is promoting BeautyMint, her new skincare site. But more on that later, let's get the deets on that famous fetus, shall we?

Simpson told Harris that the reason she waited so long to publicly announce her pregnancy is because she believed the "stomach spoke for itself." It did speak for itself. And it was saying, "You think this baggy T-shirt is gonna stop me? Ha!"

Jessica also admitted she wanted some time before she shared the secret with friends and family. How long was she gonna wait? Till she was paying off that baby bump's student loans?

And then there's the matter of her infamous wedding postponement. While it was reported that she and fiancé Eric Johnson were originally set to be married in November, Simpson actually revealed that there was no date set in stone. She says she wants to wait until "everything is over so I don't end up being a hormonal Bridezilla."

She added that she has no plans to marry Eric anytime soon. So, I'm not sure why Eric Johnson is even referred to as her "fiancé" anymore. Is it cool if I start calling George Clooney my fiancé, too? Because I can do that.

Jessica might be pregnant, but this baby ain't slowing down her entrepreneurial spirit. Her new beauty site, BeautyMint, allows users to take a quiz about their skin, and from there, they're given a regimen of skin care products customized for their skin type.

"I just loved the whole concept of being able to present somebody with a personalized skincare system," Jessica told ET. " I just really fell in love with it, and I think every woman really deserves to love their skin."

Jessica showed off her own glowing skin at the launch of her new fashion collection, Jessica Simpson Girls.

After announcing her pregnancy, albeit cryptically through a costumed Halloween photo, Simpson told Us Weekly that she and Johnson were "both thrilled" to be expecting their fist child.

"We can't wait to meet our baby!" Simpson added.

Tune in to the rest of Simpson's Entertainment Tonight interview on Tuesday, November 8.