Jessica Simpson Doesn't Need a Man for Confidence

April 1, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson Doesn't Need a Man for Confidence

Jessica Simpson is single and loving it! The singer has gone through her fair share of men in recent years, and none have proved to be long-term. But Jessica doesn’t seem to be too concerned with her single status. In fact, Jess has learned to embrace being alone.

She said in a recent interview with Fox, “It’s important for women not to find their confidence in a man. I think you really have to know who you are before you can truly fall in love and give your all, and I don’t think a man can define you. You have to own that.”

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She continued, “So if you’re ever with anyone who says you should change something about yourself then they should never fall in love with you in the first place.”

Apparently Jess has really turned over a new leaf when it comes to her own happiness. “Jessica wants everyone to believe she’s learned to embrace her shape, but the truth is she’d give the world to have a skinny body like Ashlee’s,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Although Jessica claims her new TV show The Price of Beauty has helped her overcome years of body image issues, she’s more insecure than ever about her looks.

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“She’s exercising like crazy with an intensive boxing, jogging and weight-lifting regimen, and she’s following a strict no-sugar, low-carb diet. Yet she can’t lose the extra weight.”

Hey, it’s tough work to stay fit! But it sounds like Jessica is on the right track!