Jessica Simpson Considering Breast Reduction

September 5, 2011 By:
Jessica Simpson Considering Breast Reduction

Jessica Simpson’s boobs have gotten almost as much press as her career since…well…since she became famous. She showed them off in a tiny bikini on ‘Dukes of Hazard’ and in a million and one low cut dresses.

Her creepy dad Joe has even talked about how great her boobs are. But those puppies may be going away soon.

Rumor has it that Jessica is considering a breast reduction before she ties to the knot to fiancé Eric Johnson. Why?! They’re so fabulous!

Jess is reportedly thinking of downsizing because she doesn’t want to look so top heavy in her wedding photos. Something tells me those photos have already been sold to the highest bidder a la Kim K style.

A source told In Touch Weekly magazine: "She thinks if she downsizes her breasts, she will look smaller. She's never loved having a huge chest."

She may not love it, but I bet Eric does. And so does America. Don’t do it Jess!

She’s previously admitted that growing up with such a large bust was really difficult for her.

She said: "I was well-endowed when I was in sixth grade. There's no way to hide them, as much as you want to bandage your boobs down.

"I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I remember crying in the bathtub. All my friends were super-skinny."

And a breast reduction isn’t the only thing on her mind. She’s determined to slim down before the big day too. She said: "I am going to dance around my bedroom and hopefully lose some weight - and lift some weights and do what I can!

"I just have to work out on my own. There is no regimen I need to follow. There's no diet I need to follow. I just need to do some things for myself and that's it. And that will make me feel the happiest."

She slimmed down before shooting ‘Dukes of Hazard’ thanks to an awesome trainer and a super strict diet, but there won’t be a wedding diet this time around.

Jess is so beautiful in so many ways, all she needs is a great custom made wedding dress and she’ll look stunning on her wedding day. What do you think of Jessica’s decision? Should she go with it or just flaunt what her mama gave her?