Jessica Simpson Can't Hold Back Gas

January 28, 2010 By:
Jessica Simpson Can't Hold Back Gas

If you were ever a fan of Newlyweds, you would know that Jessica Simpson is not really the type of girl that holds back, even if she is in a professional setting.

Just recently, Simpson was in business meeting where she thought it would be a good idea to let one rip.

She accidently farted during a meeting about her denim line and her mother was there to put her in her place.

A source said: "While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart.

"Her mother Tina Simpson was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, 'Jessica!' The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

She probably thought it was gonna be a silent one, but she was definitely in for a big surprise!