Jessica Simpson Buys Pedometers For Her Weight Watchers Group

July 19, 2012 By:
Jessica Simpson Buys Pedometers For Her Weight Watchers Group

Jessica Simpson is serious about stepping into her role as celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and proves it by buying a whole bunch of pedometers, then tweeting about them.

Nice promo Jess!

In case you're of the sedentary type (not judging, promise -- couches are awesome!), a pedometer is an electronic device that you attach to your hip and it charts how many steps you take in a day, then calculates the calories you’ve burned because of it.

Clearly curious if her daily activity measures up, Simpson decided she, and all the girls in her Weight Watchers support group might benefit from the feedback.

Earlier today she announced the purchase, and plugged the weight loss empire in less than 140 characters via tweet:
Just bought all the girls in my @weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps. 10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let's step it up!

Simpson, a former bikini clad sex symbol, who gained a bit of weight during her first pregnancy, vowed to lose it at the end of May, announcing her contract with Weight Watchers as their latest celeb spokesperson.

Since then she’s be seen hitting the gym with a $4 million dollar pending paycheck as incentive, balancing her responsibilities as full-time mom with professional exerciser.

Though we know it's going to be a long and probably painful journey with many sore muscles, it was all worth it -- just look at the pics of her adorable baby daughter, Maxwell who’s already two months old!

We wish her luck in her journey and hope the pedometer comes in handy documenting her progress.