Jessica Simpson Breaks Down on Stage

February 6, 2009 By:
Jessica Simpson Breaks Down on Stage

It has been a harsh winter for Jessica Simpson, she's tried to put on a brave face and ignore all the headlines surrounding her weight gain, but it's proven to be too much for her.

Jess had a mini breakdown Thursday night in Grand Rapids at Van Andel Arena when she was the opening act for Rascal Flatts.

According to reports, Jess started crying during her set and allowed the crowd to sing her lyrics while she drank water. "Sorry," she mouthed to the crowd, as she lost her place in a song.

The forgiving audience cheered for Simpson anyway. "You go, girl!" one fan yelled out to her.

"My voice is weak tonight," she said, tearfully, "and I feel so vulnerable onstage."

She toughed it out and finished her entire set though. She then told the audience how much she missed her boyfriend Tony Romo and how she couldn't wait to see him on Friday.

At this rate, Jessica is going to suffer a full-blown meltdown. Maybe a little R&R with Tony would do her some good. She needs to get out of the spotlight for just a few weeks. Maybe she can take a little vaca to St. Lucia. Hanging out with Amy Winehouse will make anyone feel good about themselves.