Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba Go to Yale

June 6, 2011 By:
Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba Go to Yale

The Jessica’s go to Yale.

Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson accompanied their men, Cash Warren and Eric Johnson, respectively, to New Haven, CT for their guys’ 10-year reunion at Yale University.

Wait, the Jessica’s are with smart dudes? Who knew that Jessica Simpson, who once couldn’t identify canned meat, is now about to marry an Ivy League grad?

The two couples strolled around the Yale campus together with Alba and Warren’s daughter, Honor Marie.

Both Alba and Simpson turned to twitter to express their excitement over the reunion. Alba tweeted, “Yale reunion this weekend. Excited to live vicariously through all those Ivy Leaguers with fancy degrees :)” She also twitpic’d a photo of herself with two security guards? Super random.

Simpson took to her twitter when she jokingly tried to sneak onto the 50-yard line of the Yale bowl and tweeted a picture of herself stuck beneath the bowl gates.

Simpson’s fiancé, Eric Johnson, was a football player at Yale, so his chances of joining the NFL and eventually marrying a famous WAG were pretty high. However, Cash Warren will be the Yale grad with the most unexpected post-grad story to tell.

When other members of the Yale Class of 2001 talk about their high powered jobs and the future Nobel prizes they are going to win, Cash Warren is gonna be like, “Well I married a movie star and now we have a daughter with one of those weird celebrity baby names. Jealous?”