Jessica Is No Diva

March 11, 2008 By:
Jessica Is No Diva

Yesterday, there were a bunch of rumors that claimed that Jessica Simpson was a really big diva. She reportedly demanded a private plane for her trip to Kuwait for her peeps and herself that cost a whopping $150,000.

Her rep is slamming those rumors! Jessica is not a high maintenance diva. She says that Jessica flew commercial just like everyone else.

"She flew commercially, she is staying in the barracks," Cindi Berger told People Magazine. “She's been with the troops all day. She's had her meals with them."

Even the rumors of Ken Paves and his $10,000 fee are not true. Jessica does have a hair stylist there, but its not Ken Paves.

"This was done purely to support the troops and entertain them."

It’s actually pretty funny that every time Jess does something whether its work on a movie set or do some good, the media starts the diva rumors. Did we all forget “Newlyweds?” Unless she’s changed her character, Jessica was a sweet girl minus the leaving Nick part.