Jessica And Tony Have The "Baby Talk"

December 10, 2008 By:
Jessica And Tony Have The

Looks like Jessica Simpson might be a little jealous of her younger sister Ashlee Simpson becoming a mom before she did. Jess has finally picked up the pieces after her failed marriage to Nick Lachey and very public breakup with John Mayer, finding love in Tony Romo.

And according to In Touch, Jess and Tony Romo are looking to take their relationship to the next level.

The mag claims Jess wants to get engaged in 2009, get married in Texas in the summer, and get pregnant soon after that. That’s a whole lot of planning in a short amount of time! Didn’t she learn anything from her first marriage? Time to put on the breaks, Jess!

A friend suggests that according to the magazine. "Unlike Ashlee, Jessica doesn’t want to get pregnant and then get married. She's a little more traditional, so she'd like to marry Tony first and then get pregnant, ideally on their honeymoon."

There’s a dig if we’ve ever heard one. The source also tells In Touch, “They are both committed to a future together. Jessica is always hinting to Tony about having kids.”

Sounds to us like this may be a little one-sided. We’d like to hear what Tony thinks about being a married man and possibly a father-to-be by the summer!