Jessica and Nick's Close Engagements a "Coincidence"

November 15, 2010 By:
Jessica and Nick's Close Engagements a

Jessica Simpson’s “close sources” are already doing damage control on her engagement announcement. One has already blabbed to People about how it was simply a co-inki-dink that she got engaged one week after Nick Lachey proposed.

How Papa Joe Feels About Jessica's Engagement

Joe Simpson Their source says Eric Johnson "had been planning the engagement for awhile and the date of the engagement was a special date for them."

Special date? What, during football Sunday when her ex Tony Romo happened to be playing their #1 rivals the Giants? And "a while?" Really? So basically he started planning the engagement the day he met her? Regardless, I simply can’t buy that story based on what the ring looks like.

Jessica Simpson Shows Off New Engagement Ring

I mean, couldn’t the guy have at least gotten Jess a diamond? Why would he pick a ruby? It looks like he picked it up at the counter of a Dillards while Jess was working one of her appearances for the department store.

It looks like the right hand ring my mom wears that was passed down from my Great Aunt Flo. Simpson’s peeps claim it’s Neil Lane—hmmm, maybe it’s Neil Lane for Kay Jewelers.

Meanwhile, Nick broke his silence on Jess' news today, telling Us Magazine, "I will say the same thing I always say: I wish her the very best."

He sounds so....psyched for her.

So who will be first to run down the aisle? My money’s on Jess. It took only five months for them to get engaged, 7 days to do it after hearing about Nick and Vanessa…so by my calculations, they should be hitched by the end of the year!