How Papa Joe Feels About Jessica's Engagement

November 15, 2010 By:
How Papa Joe Feels About Jessica's Engagement

Jessica Simpson's beau Eric Johnson proposed to her after just five months of dating. Any parents would obviously be a little concerned, especially when you're daughter is worth almost half a billion dollars.

So how does creepy Papa Joe feel about the engagement? Apparently he's excited. He has wished his daughter a “lifetime of joy and happiness” ...via twitter.

Jessica Shows Off New Engagement Ring

Jess' dad, who is also her manager, tweeted, “So very happy for Jess and Eric. May they have a lifetime of joy and happiness."

Sister Ashlee Simpson also tweeted, “Congrats sis, on you're happy engagement with Eric :) love ya! Everyone wish Jessica Simpson a happy engagement today! (sic)”

Jessica Simpson Engaged

While we were all rooting for Jessica to find love, I can't help but be a little suspicious of this guy proposing after just a few months. He's unemployed and recently divorced and follows Jess around the country like a little puppy. Did he propose because he's genuinely in love or does he see Jess as a lifelong meal ticket? What are your thoughts?