Friends: Jessica Takes Breakups Really Badly

July 22, 2009 By:
Friends: Jessica Takes Breakups Really Badly

While Tony Romo seems to have moved on with his life, Jessica Simpson is still devastated from their split.

"She takes breakups really badly," a close friend of Simpson's tells People magazine. "She has a hard time letting go."

Simpson has tried to remain low-key since the split, which happened the night before her 29th birthday, but her family is trying to "encourage her to go out and have a good time, like she did this week."

She was photographed going to the gym, which is the first time we've seen her since the breakup.

"The family feels bad for Jessica. They worry for her a lot," added a close family friend. When she's out in public, "she feels she's being judged by the world and opts to hide out at home," added the friend.

If she can handle going through a public divorce, she can handle this too. Sure, breakups are hard, but when you're young, gorgeous and successful like Jessica, it shouldn't be too hard to bounce back. Who would you love to see Jessica date?