Ashlee Simpson on Jessica's Wedding: There Are No Plans

December 16, 2010 By:
Ashlee Simpson on Jessica's Wedding: There Are No Plans

Jessica Simpson has been on cloud nine since she got engaged to Eric Johnson, but she's certainly not in a rush to get married.

We've heard a new wedding rumor every week since they announced the engagement, but according to Jess' sister Ashlee Simpson, there's barely any planning going on.

"We haven't really talked plans. I think she's just enjoying engagement and that's where she's at," Ashlee told Hollyscoop at the black 15in1 exclusive launch party at the Andy LeCompte salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

There were rumors that Jessica wanted to get married this Christmas, but the only holiday-inspired activity going on at the Simpson residences is some major decorating.

"Decorating is exciting and this year he [her son Bronx] has his own tree in his room so he really decorates. He puts the ornaments on, so it's fun. It's all about having a good time and making the holidays feel like home," she said.

She added, "We do a family Christmas with my husband and my son when he wakes up in the morning. Santa comes so it will be fun, we will make cookies in good Christmas shapes."

Sounds like Ash has settled into domestic life very well! I can’t imagine Jess is too far behind. She has stay-at-home-mom (who happens to run a billion dollar clothing empire) written all over her face!

So much for a quickie 2010 for Jess and Eric! But I’m positive it’ll happen in ’11!