Meet Hollywood's New It Girl: Jessica Chastain

January 12, 2012 By:
Meet Hollywood's New It Girl: Jessica Chastain

Between her role in The Help and starring alongside Brad Pitt in Tree of Life, Jessica Chastain has been making her rounds on this year’s red carpet. With her talented acting skills, and let’s face it—her gorgeous looks, she’s sure to become Hollywood’s next It Girl.

Hollyscoop caught up with Chastain at the Palm Springs Film Festival, and she told us her first experience with awards season has been “a bit overwhelming.”

“I actually went a little blind on that red carpet, it was a lot of flash,” Jessica joked with us. “But it’s wonderful, this is all the culmination of, you know many, many years of hard work, and it’s so exciting to see it come together.”


Jessica’s role in The Help is getting a lot of Oscar buzz, with speculation that she’ll get a nod for Best Supporting Actress.

“Of course it would be so amazing,” Chastain told us. “But I hope to have like, a long-term career, and so the most important think to me is that I’m not like, a flash in the pan.”

I don’t think that’s going to be something she’ll have to worry about.

“I want to continue doing roles that are different and challenging,” Jessica told Hollyscoop, revealing that she’s “doing Broadway next year.”

Maybe it’s her red hair, but Jessica’s being compared to fellow actress and Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.

“She is a phenomenon,” Jessica told us. “It’s far too generous to compare me to her because, she is one of the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life.”