Jessica Biel Says She'd Get Naked For A Movie Again

November 12, 2011 By:
Jessica Biel Says She'd Get Naked For A Movie Again

Great, yet another movie where I have to cover my boyfriend's eyes. He can't know that there are women look like that.

Jessica Biel stripped down in the movie Powder Blue. And it just proved that sex doesn’t always sell. Because Powder Blue went stright to DVD despite the fact that Jessica played a stripper.

In the flick, Biel played a pole dancer who was trying to earn money to care for her terminally ill son.

"It's unfortunate," Beil told the Daily Mail, speaking of the film. "It was brutal for a while. There was so much more we put into it."

Jessica said that seeing her nude scenes blow up all over the Internet made her cringe. But she added that she "wasn't so scarred by the experience" that she "wouldn’t do it again."

"If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic, I would do it," Jessica says.

Jessica, who recently ruinited with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, says she wouldn't "kiss and tell" about her personal life with the actor. But a source told Star that she dumped Justin because of his "refusal to commit." But now, the source is claiming that things have changed for the pair.

“Justin promised Jessica that within six months, he’ll give her an engagement ring,” the insider said. “With the stipulation that they take at least another six months to a year to actually tie the knot.”

Man, only Justin Timberlake can make a woman like Jessica Biel sign a contract just to marry her. Well, maybe George Clooney.
"Jess feels it’s a fair compromise,” the source revealed. “She’s impressed with the huge strides he’s made.”

Justin is also apparently getting pressure from his mom, Lynn, to settle down.

“During the months Justin and Jess were apart, his mom was begging him to try to win her back,” the source added. “Lynn made it clear that he was making a huge mistake letting Jess slip away. Justin took those words to heart.”

While Justin and Jessica were on a break, he was rumored to have hooked up with Mila Kunis and Olivia Munn. While there was nothing official, what he and Mila did in Friends With Benefits looked pretty real. I don’t think they even knew the cameras were rolling.

But if these rumors are true, Timberlake might be making a change.

“He’s finally ready to bite the bullet and become a one-woman guy,” the source said.