Jessica Biel Preparing For Role in Guys & Dolls

May 13, 2009 By:
Jessica Biel Preparing For Role in Guys & Dolls

Move over Justin! Jessica Biel is ready to give her BF a run for his money! She’s currently gearing up for a role in an upcoming production of Guys & Dolls.

Jess will reportedly play Sister Sarah in the revival of the musical at the Hollywood Bowl. She’s even been taking voice lessons to get ready!

Jessica says, “I’ve been taking voice lessons a couple of times a week and really getting to know the music and working that muscle again which has been quiet a very long time.”

“I have to learn everything before we go into rehearsal because we only have 10 days to rehearse to put the whole thing together… It’ll be interesting. I plan on seeing the Broadway show soon, which I’m hoping is good.”

We never knew Jessica could sing! Maybe Justin could make a cameo? Now that would be a show worth seeing!