Jessica Biel is an Emotional Mess

July 9, 2010 By:
Jessica Biel is an Emotional Mess

Jessica Biel is such an emotional mess, she can't handle reading anything negative about herself.

Jess was recently on the cover of Vogue magazine, and although she looked absolutely stunning on it, some random bitter reader wrote Vogue a letter complaining about her picture. Jess was so distraught about the letter, it literally ruined her entire day!

She tells Britain's Glamour magazine, "I'm strict about not doing it (reading gossip). Well... I don't search it out, but when I stumble upon something, of course I read it. I was looking through a Vogue recently, and I came across the letters page and someone had written in about my recent Vogue cover.

"Well, she just thought it was horrible and was asking why they put me on the cover. She thought I was so boring and awful. That completely wrecked me for, like, a day. You can't help but take it personally."

Gotta have thick skin to handle this industry Jess! You would think she would be used to it by now. And who cares what some bitter reader thinks, she's gorgeous!